7 Back to School Snacks and Activities

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organic apples and peanut butter

For some parents, it's the best time of the year. You get to send your kids back to school, which ultimately can be a much more affordable way of living for you (but sometimes stressful for your kids). Kids can cost a fortune in the summer. If you work a lot and don't have anyone to watch them, that means putting money out towards day care or a series of summer camps. Even when you are home from work, the kids will demand entertainment. Summer demands day trips, beach trips, trips to amusement parks, etc. During the school year, parents may find that they spend a significantly less amount of money. School has either started or will start very soon for your kids, which means it's time to shop for school supplies and healthy snacks. Do you pack lunch for your kids? If you do, continue reading for some ideas for healthy and creative snacks to feature in their lunch...

Cheese Pencils

Get your kids in the spirit for school with these highly creative cheese pencils. They are easy to make, but in the mind of a child, they will make going to school so much more exciting. You will need cheese sticks, pepperoni as the eraser, and a chip and raisin for the pointy end. Add strawberry wafers as erasers to get extra creative. Your kids will be so excited by how creative these snacks are, they will be enjoying somewhat healthy food and they will definitely be ready for school.

Apples and Gummy Worms

Apples and school mesh together perfectly. Kids may think of apples as a gift for teachers, but apples are for kids too. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple might not seem like the most entertaining snack in the world, but if you put some gummy worms with it, it turns into a great, creative snack for going back to school.

B is for Banana

Is your little one going to be learning the alphabet this year? Even if they are a little too old for that, they can still enjoy this yummy and healthy snack. You don't have to be an extremely artistic person to make this snack. If you have the right supplies, anyone can do it. Next time you are at the grocery store, purchase bananas and edible markers. Simply write letters of the alphabet on little pieces of bananas. Cut the bananas into little pieces and for each piece, write a letter on it. This would be absolutely perfect for a kid that is learning the alphabet, as it will totally give them the feel for all of the letters they will be dealing with. However, even if your kid is well passed learning the alphabet, it will be a healthy snack and get them in the mood for school.

Boiled Eggs

This might not be the most creative snack in the world, but it's definitely healthy and easy to make. Kids come home from school starving sometimes, even if they did enjoy a nice lunch at school. If your kids are known for coming home from school starving, have boiled eggs made and ready for them. They serve as a great source of protein and will keep the kids well fed until dinner.

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

When it comes to school and snacks, you just can't get enough apples. Perhaps, your kiddo simply does not like eating an apple by simply biting into it. Apples can be big. Kids mouths are not always so big. Well, sometimes they may be big in everything that they say or how loud they can be, but not the actual size of their mouth. Instead of just giving your kid an apple to eat, apple slices may work out better for them. Do they like peanut butter, but aren't so fond of apples? Combine peanut butter and apples, and you might just have better luck getting your kid to eat a healthy snack.


Fruit is one of the best options for back to school snacks for kids. Whether you purchase a fruit bowl, cut up your own fruit, or just do individual things such as bananas. Snacks don't have to be creative, even though it makes it more fun for the kids if they are. Think of your own ideas and just go with it. School buses are yellow and so are bananas. Try to make a school bus out of a banana. Use your imagination, it will be good enough for your kids. Any fruit you can get your kid to eat is better than no fruit. Fruit is definitely the way to go when it comes to school snacks.

Vegetable Soup and Whole Grain Crackers

Soup can be very calming and relaxing to sip on. Did your kiddo have a stressful day at school? Get them calmed down and mellowed out with some vegetable soup and add some whole grain crackers with it. This snack is definitely healthy and will get your kid mellowed out and ready to focus on homework. Not to mention, it will hold them over until dinner.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school snacks?


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