Kid's Halloween Costume Ideas with Cardboard

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pizza in a cardboard box

With Halloween coming up many people are looking for creative ideas for costumes for their children. They want something unique, interesting, and something that will not cost them a lot of money. There are a number of homemade Halloween costumes that can be made out of cardboard. Read on for some ideas...

Pizza Rat Costume

If you're familiar with online memes, you may have heard of Pizza Rat. If you have a standard mouse costume, a Pizza Rat costume is fairly easy to make. All that is needed is colored cardboard. Cut the cardboard into a large wedge shape. Another piece of cardboard can be used to make cheese and pepperoni. Kids like cutting out cardboard shapes; just make sure they use safety scissors. Hang the pizza around your child's neck with string. If you're feeling extra creative, you can add mouse ears and use yarn for whiskers. Or just use you're a mouse costume with the pizza slice in front. It's fun to see how many people will recognize the costume.

iPhone Costume

This popular electronic device can also be your kid's Halloween costume. Using a large cardboard box, cut a hole in one end that is big enough for the child's head to fit through. They can then work with their child to decorate the box to look like an iPhone. User butcher paper, or tape regular paper to the front of the box. Draw iPhone icons (including the home screen and apps such as the clock, date, weather), and put on some headphones that plug into the top of the box.

Lego Costume

A child can dress up as a Lego and go out trick or treating. First, cut the head out for the child. They can then help the child glue paper plates or cups onto the cardboard to resemble bumps like the Legos have. The box can then be painted and once it dries the child will have their costume.

With a little creativity and fun, these costumes will allow the child to have their Halloween without costing the parents a lot of money.

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