App Review: ABC Games for Pre-K

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ABC Games for Pre-K from Kids Academy

Do you have a preschool or pre-kindergarten aged child that likes to play games on your iPhone or iPad? If you do, you’re likely someone that is constantly on the lookout for good apps for your child(ren). ABC Games for Pre-K is an animated app from Kid’s Academy Company that will help your child learn letters and words in a fun and engaging way.

The app is perfect for kids from ages 2 to 5.  The pictures and animated flashcards will help keep your children coming back to play again and again. This app has over 100 amusing and original animations that will stimulate your child’s mind alongside original sounds. On top of that, your child will learn his or her alphabet alongside charming and funny characters that will enhance their learning experience.

ABC Games for Pre-K focuses on using memory to help your child learn their ABC’s and how to put words together using them. By repeatedly checking out the flashcards over and over again, the letters, sounds, and words will be committed to memory and your child will likely start to use them outside of the game as well! Along with memory, motor skills that focus on speed and timing are also part of the experience from ABC Games for Pre-K.

Do you have multiple children between the ages of 2 and 5? No problem! ABC Games for Pre-K allows for multiple user accounts to be created. That way, you can personalize the game for each of your children and each of their needs. The app is put together in such a way that each child can learn their ABC’s at their own pace. Your child(ren) can pick the cards randomly, which personalizes the experience even more. Every child learns differently, and ABC Games for Pre-K uses that knowledge to best teach your child what they need to do in order to be successful in reading and spelling.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the application is only for children. ABC Games for Pre-K also offers a specially designed Parent’s Area so that you can keep track of your child’s progress. That way, you get to be part of your child’s learning experience, and you can learn where your child needs help with their alphabet and/or words. ABC Games for Pre-K is meant to help you, the parent, as you work with your child to improve their reading skills. The skills learned using the app are aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundation skills of Common Core Standards.

If you’re looking for a great iPhone or iPad game that will keep your children entertained while learning important skills, then ABC Games for Pre-K should definitely be on your list. It was recently updated (as of June 28, 2013) to version 1.2.2, and there are plans for future updates to come. ABC Games for Pre-K by Kid’s Academy Company is $2.99 from the iTunes store, and it is compatible with most current models of the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone.


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