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Super Why App Review

Price: $2.99    |  Score: 5/5  |  Category: Education

Super Why! is a mobile app that allows your child to enter an exciting world of learning fun with their favorite characters from the exciting Super Why! series. The series was created by Angela Santomero, creator of Super Why! (the Emmy-nominated literacy series), Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

This app offers the choice of four different mini-games that include: reading, letters, spelling and rhyming. Each app features a different character from the show. Super Why! is the fun and easy way to give your kids a unique learning experience.

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Kids Love to Play Super Why!

Even the youngest of children can learn to play and enjoy Super Why!  If they are old enough to watch the show, they are old enough to play the app. It provides endless fun for your little one while also helping them learn and discover. At the end of each game, your child will earn a virtual sticker that can be used to design a scene in a bonus game.
Learning with the Super Why! app is easy. Because kids are familiar with characters inside of the game, they take a keen interest in playing and learning. The game covers spelling, phonics, recognizing letters and rhyming words. While there may be a few areas that parents will need to help their children, this app can be handled entirely by the child for the most part. With so many ranges in the reading spectrum covered in the game, it is great for kids in classroom settings as well.

Parents & Kids Agree

There’s a lot to love about this amazing app. If you have little ones learning to read, you should give this app a try. With characters your kids already know and love, as well as a variety of fun graphics and music, the Super Why! app would be a great addition to your app library. You will feel confident knowing that they are benefiting from this game.

The Super Why! app is one that can help enhance reading comprehension skills of your child while ensuring they are not missing out on a single bit of fun.

To purchase this app visit the PBS Kids website here and select your device type: PBS Kids Mobile


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