SpeakaLegend Speech Recognition App

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SpeakaLegend App

The SpeakaLegend app for iOS is the first-ever talk & touch speech recognition app. This innovative kids app allows kids to interact with mythical creatures. Now you can travel the world and speak with an array of creatures in hopes of unlocking the secret unicorn. Recently, my nephew who is 6 years old, instantly fell in love with it and played for two hours straight. He had so much fun reading a story to the creatures and they listened to him read, which really facinated him. It has quickly become one of his favorite apps. If you are looking for something fun and new, you should consider giving SpeakaLegend a try. SpeakaLegend is designed for and intended for kids age 6 and above, though we even found that younger members of our family enjoyed playing too. One thing I love is that there are no in app purchases.


Loch Ness Monster – excited to show you his homeland
Mermaid – speaking with you only in rhymes
Minotaur – eager to help build courage along the way
Bigfoot – extreme nature lover
Fairy – ready to hear all of your wishes
Cyclops – lovable and goofy
Dragon – poke tummy and she sneezes fire!
Jackalope – teaches explorers about manners
Sphinx – thrilled to share her riddles with you
Unicorn – exceeds all expectations


• 10 legendary characters written and designed by an award-winning creative team
• Exclusive speech recognition technology that allows players to have two way conversations with characters
• Brand new interactive features for touching, playing, and exploring
• Up to two hours of dialogue for explorers to interact with
• A map screen that lets you choose where to go
• The ability to visit the creatures in any order
• Endless play for all of the characters
• Lots of fun and surprising touch activities for each character
• A “Happiness Meter” that shows how far you’ve come in your quest to find the unicorn
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

Safety & Privacy 

SpeakaLegend is playable in touch-only mode, but enabling speech recognition is strongly recommended in order for kids to gain the full experience. To enable speech recognition, we need to capture audio recordings, for which we require parental permission via email. ToyTalk makes online safety and privacy a priority. After granting permission, parents can access and control their child’s recordings from our website at www.toytalk.com.

About ToyTalk ToyTalk is an award-winning, family entertainment company that creates conversational characters.

If you are interested in downloading SpeakaLegend, click here to download SpeakaLegend on iOS. Thank you for visiting www.KidsDesk.net! If you like our content, please bookmark us and tell your family & friends.

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    from Seattle, WA, USA
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    • Lots of fun and surprising touch activities for each character


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