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Space Racers

SpaceRacers™ is a new animated preschool television program that follows young spaceship cadets as they soar through the Solar System learning about the power of scientific investigation and observation, the wonders of space exploration and the importance of working as a team. The show’s stunning CGI animation combined with actual images from NASA mission, factual science, and space technology, make each action-packed episode entertaining, educational and inspiring for everyone watching. Space Racers also has NASA onboard as technical consultants, reviewing all scripts for accuracy. Our family loves it and we know a two year old who already asks for it by name. Check your local listings for times and channel in your area or visit here to find additional details.

As an added bonus, there is a FREE Space Racers iOS app that launched in September with an android version launching the first week of December. It is internationally available and you can select from three languages English, Spanish and French. This is a very cool app that has a cosmic twist on traditional flying games, where kids can tag-team between four Space Racers characters– Eagle, Robyn, Hawk and Starling.   Players can fly through space & explore 8 engaging worlds through 32 rounds of play while collecting stars, surprise power-ups and hidden rewards, but must avoid obstacles and an empty fuel tank!

Space Racers preschool show

Through self-directed play, children will explore the concept of cause and effect as they pilot spaceships through a progressively challenging and engaging obstacle course. In order to advance, players need to consider scientific variables like the effects of wind, the weight of the spaceship, and the magnetic pull on metal objects. The game is designed to increase perseverance, mastery, and curiosity for preschoolers, as they learn and succeed through exploration. We really think you will love this app, our family did and the kids love the excitement of playing after watching an episode. You can download it currently on iTunes here:
Space Racers!
Space Racers App

You can also visit their website which can be found at, they have put together animated episodes, games and printable activities.
We also love the section on the site that we think you will too, it’s the “Parents and Educators” section that features 13 lesson plans and 4 family activities that you can do together.  The lesson plans and activities, which were created in conjunction with WNET Education, go hand in hand with the episodes.

Please give it a try, check out and episode, try the app, visit their site and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your feedback and experience in the comments section below. As a family and educational oriented site, we think you will love this combination of fun and education that Space Racers™ has to offer.

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  • Guest - Sharon Williams

    My daughter loves this TV show, I had no idea there was an app she is going to be really excited. Thanks for sharing.

    from Los Angeles, CA, USA
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  • Guest - Holly C.

    Thank you for sharing, my kids love spaceracers!

    from Austin, TX, USA
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  • Guest - Lily Goold-Adams

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  • Guest - jack redford

    Space Racers also has NASA onboard as technical consultants, reviewing all scripts for accuracy. Our family loves it and we know a two year old who already asks for it by name. Check your local listings for times and channel in your area or visit here to find additional details. need someone to write my research paper

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  • Guest - msp07

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  • Guest - James Butler

    The app is designed to increase curiosity, perseverance, and a sense of agency for preschoolers, as they learn and succeed through exploration [url=]with the help of dissertation writing[/url].Education is planning to share the Space Racers educational resources at two upcoming science events.

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