When to Tell Your Child to Take a Break from Technology

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Taking a break from technology

In the electronically advanced world we live in today, technology is everywhere. You can find toys, games, and even tablets and other complicated devices that are aimed directly at the children. After watching a children’s television station for just a few minutes, you will see numerous advertisements for all types of electronic devices. The question you ask yourself is, are these appropriate for your little one? What you want for your own child is going to differ from what your neighbor thinks is okay for their kids to play with. This is something that has never changed. Click read more below to continue reading.

Before electronics, parents have had debates on whether or not it is okay for their little ones to play with toy guns for instance. Another question relates to boys playing with girl toys and girls playing with boy toys. All of this goes to show you that you need to decide for yourself what is right for your family.

When you do decide that it is acceptable for your child to play with these electronic devices, you need to know how to properly regulate them. If allowed, many children will play on the computer, iPad, or gaming system from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed. The problem with this is that they are missing out on other learning opportunities and natural occurrences that are happening around them.

Just like you advise your children with different rules and regulations in life, you can apply limitations to their use of technological devices. For instance, one hour a day after homework could be their special time to play with their favorite devices. You could allot special time frames on the weekends, during holidays, or over the summer break. In order to keep your little ones focused on family matters and what you think is important, there are certain times that they should never have a device in their hand. For instance, at the dinner table. You can make a rule that no cell phones or tablets are allowed while the family sits down for a nightly meal. When driving in the car, it’s easy to zone out on a screen. When traveling, the whole world could be passing your child by. Take commuting times to point out interesting places, animals, cars, or other things that can be seen from the window.

In the end, it is up to you as a parent to decide when enough is enough. However, you should always allow your kids, and yourself, a break from technology from time to time to soak in what is going on in the vast world surrounding you. Technology can quickly consume a substantial amount of time and some things are much better in moderation.

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