App Review: ABC Games for Pre-K

Kids Academy App

Do you have a preschool or pre-kindergarten aged child that likes to play games on your iPhone or iPad? If you do, you’re likely someone that is constantly on the lookout for good apps for your child(ren). ABC Games for Pre-K is an animated app from Kid’s Academy Company that will help your child learn letters and words in a fun and engaging way.

The app is perfect for kids from ages 2 to 5.  The pictures and animated flashcards will help keep your children coming back to play again and again. This app has over 100 amusing and original animations that will stimulate your child’s mind alongside original sounds. On top of that, your child will learn his or her alphabet alongside charming and funny characters that will enhance their learning experience.

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Top Ten Apps for Learning Math

Kids Math Learning Apps

Numbers are as much a part of our lives as water, air and sunlight. They are the unspoken language, the one thing cultures have in common across the world. Learning them is important. But it isn’t always easy to grasp new math concepts, and exercising them from a sheet or book, for children, can be unrewarding. With these top apps for iTouch/iPad and Android devices, recommended by teachers, stretching your mathematical mind can also be fun!

Check out these useful apps...

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Tablets in the Classroom

Tablets in Education

Just as computers and laptops have finally become incorporated into classrooms nationwide, another familiar technological trend is starting to creep into school—the tablet.

Everyone seems to agree that tablets can be effective tools for learning in class. One tablet can store more information than a complete library of textbooks, and not just text. Enhanced graphics and illustrations, plus highly interactive lesson activities are more engaging to students than reading from textbooks, making the tablet ideal for classroom teaching.

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

get your child to eat vegetables

By now, everyone knows the importance of fruits and vegetables in nutrition—that is, everyone but children. When it comes to children, fruits sell themselves because they tend to be colorful and sweet. Vegetables, for some reason tend to be less persuasive at mealtime.

As individuals, they will develop an accurate sense of likes and dislikes as they mature. In the meantime, it is up to us to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need, and not just what they want. How do you get your child to eat the greens?

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7 Apps to Help Kids with Math

There are kids in the world who genuinely enjoy learning about math. They like the definitiveness of the subject, the challenge of learning a purely logical thing, that it’s the same in every language.

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6 Educational Vocabulary Apps

As children begin to expand their vocabulary they seek fun ways to pick up new words. With the growth of the learning app market, there is an amazing variety of vocabulary apps that your children or students may benefit from.

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Classroom Technology & Early Education

Technology plays a key role in the classroom today. Gone are the days when teachers used only flash cards and writing worksheets to teach alphabets, numbers and other basics to students.

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