The Importance of Early Dental Health

Sometimes, in our busy daily lives, we can neglect to practice good oral hygiene. Oral hygiene consists of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and avoiding too many sweets and sugary drinks. It is also very important to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. Good oral hygiene is important at every age and these routines should be started early.    How do you know which toothbrush would be best for your little one?

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Apps for Learning ABCs

ABC learning apps

These days children are learning their numbers and ABCs at an earlier age.  This can be a credit to very involved and dedicated parents, as well as all the new learning technology that is available. Are you a parent who is looking around for inexpensive learning apps that teach your child the ABCs in creative and innovative way?

There are over 5000 apps available on the market that reduce the boredom in learning ABCs through creative games and audio-visual experiences. While selecting the right one, you need to keep in mind that: 

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7 Apps to Help Kids with Math

There are kids in the world who genuinely enjoy learning about math. They like the definitiveness of the subject, the challenge of learning a purely logical thing, that it’s the same in every language.

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6 Educational Vocabulary Apps

As children begin to expand their vocabulary they seek fun ways to pick up new words. With the growth of the learning app market, there is an amazing variety of vocabulary apps that your children or students may benefit from.

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Classroom Technology & Early Education

Technology plays a key role in the classroom today. Gone are the days when teachers used only flash cards and writing worksheets to teach alphabets, numbers and other basics to students.

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